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Nickelodeon February Highlights

Started by KyL416, January 22, 2007, 07:49:51 PM


Valentines Day Specials

3pm – Jimmy Neutron (119) – Love Potion 9.76/J
3:30pm – Danny Phantom (017) – Lucky in Love
4pm – Fairly Odd Parents (024) – Love Struck
4:30pm – Avatar (202) – Cave of 2 Lovers
5pm – SpongeBob (016) – Valentine's Day/The Paper
5:30 – Drake and Josh (403) – Mindy Loves Josh
6pm – Ned's Declassified (205) – Valentine's Day/School Websites
6:30pm – Fairly Odd Parents (009) – Boy Toy/Inspection Detection
7pm – Fairly Odd Parents (019) – Information Stupor Highway
7:30pm – Jimmy Neutron (119) Love Potion 9.76/J
8pm – SpongeBob SquarePants (016) – Valentine's Day/The Paper
8:30pm – Full House (036) – Little Shop of Sweaters

Presidents Day Programming
Patrick for President!
Tune in on Presidents Day to catch a marathon of Patrick-centric SpongeBob episodes and 3 brand new SpongeBob episodes from 7-8:30pm .

Tune in from 5-7pm to catch the newest Nickelodeon live packaging, Me-TV!


"The Naked Brothers Band" series launch
Saturdays at 8:30pm starting February 3rd:         
Series Description: The series follows the world-famous The Naked Brothers Band as they shoot various music videos.  Each episode features a new song and follows the action and hilarity of superstar kid musicians making videos and living their lives on and off the set.

"The Naked Brothers Band" Episode Premieres

"VMA's", Episode 101. Saturday, February 3rd  @8:30pm
Description: The band is nominated for their first video music award and the kids find themselves relying on their horoscopes for the day to determine the outcome.  The host of a "TRL" like show makes his predictions for winners and Naked Brothers Band isn't one of them...but it turns out he was wrong for the very first time ever and our heroes find themselves victorious at the end of the night.

"The Wolff Brothers Cry Wolf", Episode 104.  Saturday, February 3rd @9pm
Description: Nat is amazed by Alex's ability to cry real tears, to feel things on a deep emotional level, and a bet ensues that leaves Alex with plenty of Nat's money and anytime, anywhere pencil sharpener use.  Nat decides he too will show off his emotional depth to Rosalina, but his efforts leave her thinking he's either picking his nose, laughing or just plain idiotic. Little does he know Alex has a secret weapon in fake stage tears he stole from set.

"Nat is a Stand Up Guy", Episode 103.  Saturday, February 10th @8:30pm
Description: Determined to prove to everyone (especially Rosalina) that he does indeed have a sense of humor, Nat tries his hand at stand up comedy.  When his attempts fall flat, he has to go back to basics and look closer to home for material.
"Fishing for Love", Episode 106. Saturday, February 17th at 8:30pm
Description: The band takes a day off to hit the beach and Thomas and David decide they want as much attention as Nat, so they fake a drowning and then a fainting.  Unfortunately, their acting skills leave something to be desired and Qaasim has to come to the rescue.  In the meantime, Alex is counting grains of sand in hopes of a world record and Nat and Cooper dissect the art of flirting.

"Alex's Clothing Line", Episode 105. Saturday, February 24th at 8:30pm
Description: Alex gets a clothing line and is extremely excited, until he sees that everyone, from his kid fans to the local cops, is wearing his "look". Now he has to either find a new fashion sensibility or get used to seeing versions of himself all over.  Jesse, in the mean time, has two days to get the rest of the band up to speed on school work before Principal Schmoke comes for a visit.

Premieres of "Ned's Declassified"

"Volunteering/The Library", Episode 313. January 27th @ 7:30pm
Description: VOLUNTEERING (313A);Ned volunteers at an old age home, Moze and Loomer try to fix up the school and Cookie works at the school store with Evelyn.
THE LIBRARY (313B); Ned and Cookie try and bust Loomer and his book stealing ring. Moze can't finish a report because someone has the book she needs.

"Hallway/Friends Moving", Episode 310.  February 3rd @ 8pm
Description: HALLWAY (310A); Ned becomes Hall Monitor, Moze tries to spend time with Faymen and Cookie creates a Hallway Traffic Report.
FRIENDS MOVING (310B); Ned and Moze find out Faymen is moving away and help him stay and Cookie lies to everyone that he's moving away

"Boys/Girls", Episode 311. February 10th @ 8pm
Description: BOYS (311A); Ned's bummed Suzie moved away and stops writing the Guide and Cookie tries to cheer him up. Moze teaches nerdy girls about boys.
GIRLS; (311B) Ned tries to find a new girlfriend with Moze's help and Cookie goes undercover dressed as a girl.

"Cell Phones/Woodshop", Episode 312.  February 17th @ 8pm
Description: CELL PHONES ( 312A);Ned messes up his relationship with Suzie after he calls her, Moze can't figure out her new phone and Cookie tries to win a car on a radio contest.
WOODSHOP (312B):Ned thinks he may like Moze, Moze works on a secret project and Cookie battles an evil power saw.

"Getting Organized/Extra Credit", Episode 314. February 24th @8pm
Description: GETTING ORGANIZED (314A); Ned tries to get his brain organized and Moze and Cookie organize the students against Vice Principal Crubbs.
EXTRA CREDIT (314 B);Ned tries to use the same extra credit project for 4 different classes, Moze builds the mother of all volcano projects and Cookie gets into trouble with his new credit card.

Premieres of Drake and Josh

"Josh is Done", Episode 415.  February 11th @7pm
Description: Drake has taken advantage of Josh for the last time and Josh decides that he is done dealing with Drake. Drake says he's fine with this, but when Josh's life improves and Drake's goes down the drain this rocker begins crooning a different tune.    

"Eric Punches Drake", Episode 417.  February 18th @7pm
Description: After Bellview High nerd, Eric Blonnowitz accidentally punches Drake he finds a newfound world of fame, popularity and girls.   Josh has problems of his own when he suspects Mindy may have a new boyfriend.

Just Jordan Premieres

"Home Alone in the Diner", Episode 110.  February 11th @7:30pm
Description: Grandpa leaves Jordan in charge of the diner while he, Pam and Monica take a day trip.  Jordan is pumped about the new responsibility; this could lead to bigger things like a later curfew and maybe even a raise.  But his day does not go as planned when a bus full of football players and cheerleaders breaks down in front of the diner, and Jordan is expected to serve the whole rowdy bunch of them and have the diner in order before Grandpa gets back.

"No Justice, No Pants", Episode 104.  February18th @7:30pm
Description: Jordan has to start wearing a uniform to school, and he and all of the other kids are furious about the ugly new attire.  The kids decide to protest, but Jordan gets busted by his mom who thinks he is waisting his time making such a fuss over clothes and she tells Jordan that she used to fight for things that mattered, like the environment.  It ain't right when you get in trouble for doing something your parents did!  Jordan has to find a way to make his mom see his side, and ditch the hideous new uniforms.

"Practice what you Preach", Episode 111.  February 25th @7:30pm
Description: Jordan is about to get kicked off the basketball team right before the playoffs because he failed a test in his piano class.  It ain't right when you have to learn stuff you don't need to know!  The coach sends over his niece, Lindsay, who is a piano prodigy to be Jordan's tutor, but Lindsay is so serious all the time that Jordan ends up tutoring her on how to be a normal kid.  Jordan does such a good job that Lindsay turns into an uber-teen, and she even takes Joaquin on as her new boyfriend and quits piano!  Jordan now has bigger problems than just the basketball team, he may have ruined Lindsay's piano career.


The schedule for Ned's Declassified has been updated:

2/3 310
2/10 311
2/17 312
2/24 314


Spongebob Marathon Schedule for 1/19
(The reruns airing prior will be added soon)

7:00pm "Driven to Tears"/"Rule of Dumb" (77A)
"Driven to Tears" - SpongeBob has failed his driving test–again.  Patrick is so outraged by the injustice of it all that he storms into the testing facility and takes the test to prove that it is unfair and impossible to pass.  Only Patrick does pass and earn his license.  In fact, as the one-millionth customer at the DMV, Patrick is awarded a brand new car!  SpongeBob tries to be happy for his pal, but watching Patrick abuse his driving privilege and disobey common driving rules is more then he can bear.
"Rule of Dumb" - An oversight in a Royal genealogy document reveals that Patrick is the next in line to receive a kingly title. It's not long before the power of the crown goes straight to the starfish's head.

7:30pm "The Pink Purloiner"/"The Gift of Gum" (79A)
"The Pink Purloiner" - SpongeBob's favorite jelly fishing net is missing!  And worst of all, Patrick may have been the one who stole it.  But SpongeBob can't accuse his friend of anything until he can find some hard evidence that he does indeed have the net.
"The Gift of Gum" - It's Best Friends Day and SpongeBob and Patrick trade presents.  SpongeBob presents Patrick with a fancy robot, and Patrick gives SpongeBob his most prized possession: an enormous ball of used chewing gum.  SpongeBob is touched.  He thinks this gift is the coolest thing in the world. However, once he finally fits the giant wad of gum into his house, it slowly starts to creep him out.

8:00pm "Rise and Shine/Waiting"/"Sing a Song of Patrick" (83A)
"Rise and Shine/Waiting" - A glimpse into the interior of Patrick Star's rock/home proves that his morning routine is anything but ordinary.  Then, SpongeBob discovers that his breakfast cereal has an offer for a free toy.  Once he responds to the offer, he must wait patiently for the toy to arrive.  So SpongeBob sets up camp right next to his mailbox, determined to be present when the mailman shows up with his treasure.
"Sing a Song of Patrick" - SpongeBob helps Patrick promote a song he wrote by securing some air time at the local radio station.