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Beyond the Break and other shows

Started by CanadianK, December 15, 2008, 05:56:25 PM


I was wondering if anyone knows if The-N will be showing the 3rd season of Beyond the Break, 2nd season of The Best Years and (I know it\'s a long shot) 2nd season of Whistler. I see they show old episodes at like 5 a.m on weekends but was wondering if new episodes would be airing anytime soon.


With South of Nowhere now over, they really don\'t have much of anything besides Degrassi that is an original show. Makes you wonder if they\'ll eventually air some of these shows?


I doubt we\'ll see anymore Whistler as The N quickly sent it to exile in late nights when they were still rolling out new episodes of season 1.


I figured that Whistler wouldn\'t be shown since they exiled it because of ratings but since Beyond The Break and The Best Years had good ratings and wasn\'t exiled the posibility is there for them to show it.


i was wondering when somebody else was going to ask this. thought for a second that i was the only one that actually remembers these shows. would it be so hard for this network to give us a yes or no answer as to if they will air these shows, and if so, will it be in my lifetime. no respect for the fans at all. absolutely pathetic and rude in my opinion what they did to south of nowhere. they did more advertising for those stupid 1 minute degrassi holiday mini\'s than for the SERIES finale of SON, emphasis on series finale. and we were supposed to be grateful for them showing the episodes at all, i don\'t think so.

as far as BTB, Whistler, and TBY i will just find some other way to watch them as i did with what goes on. guess those other shows gigantic and the assistants aren\'t being aired either. i am no brain surgeon but what is the advantage of them not airing these shows that have already been produced and that they have the rights to? i really don\'t get it. someone please educate me. maybe if they put something on just as good in place of them it would be okay, but please. 2008 was a joke for this network. sorry, queen bees and student body that started in mid july and were finished by the end of august didn\'t quite cut it for me. look at 2006 and 2007. they aired a new episode of something almost every friday night all year long. and 2009 is looking to be even better than 2008 (hello, sarcasm). absolutely no new programming in January. sorry folks, What I Like About You marathons don\'t count and as the dumb commercials say, no you are not welcome thank you very much. Also, South of Nowhere reruns have also quickly been axed. Schedule is up till 01/24 and surprise, surprise no BTB or TBY either, not even at 2 am. Way to go the n. Can i have what your smoking?


The affiliate site for MTV Networks now has The Best Years Season 2 slated for April 2009.


Thats great news and hopefully the next season of Beyond the Break will air soon after. It will air on The-N right?


Quote from: KyL416The affiliate site for MTV Networks now has The Best Years Season 2 slated for April 2009.
Starting Monday 3/9, The N will air season 1 repeats of "The Best Years" weekdays at 12 p.m. Eastern

-Nick and More!


Is there actually a chance that The N will show that Degrassi "movie" before they show the rest of the season?


Nope. The exec confirmed a while back that The-N has "Paradise City" slated to air in August. Which means the rest of the season, starting with "Jane Says", should return sometime in June/July.


I know he said that, but plans can change sometimes and I find it odd that they would show a promo for something that\'s at least five months away when they have six more episodes to show between now and then.


QuoteWill the second season be the Best?
The Best Years gets a second chance.

By Kat Angus, Canwest News ServiceFebruary 26, 2009

A pair of young, pretty college students enters an impossibly large dorm room. Watching them from outside the window, it\'s difficult to hear what, exactly, they\'re saying, but it\'s clear they are giggling and flirting with each other.

``Cut!\'\' a blond woman with headphones yells, causing the lovebirds to stop and look up. ``Can we get a breeze on the tree branches, please?\'\'

No, it\'s not a dangerous stalking situation; it\'s just a day on the set The Best Years, the Canadian-produced college drama. It\'s the second-last day of filming for Season 2, and on an elaborate dormitory set in a Toronto production studio, the cast and crew have spent the last couple of hours filming a three- minute scene between titular character Samantha Best (Charity Shea) and her new beau.

After a few takes, the director approves the footage and the actors take a break while the crew goes about removing walls, fixing lighting and preparing to shoot the exact same exchange from a different angle.

It\'s a gruelling process, but one that almost didn\'t happen at all. After the first season of The Best Years aired in 2007, the series was cancelled by its American network, The N, citing a mandate change in their programming.

``They were moving toward doing lighter, more fun, half-hour shows and more focused on comedies, and the first season of The Best Years was very dark,\'\' explains executive producer Noreen Halpern. ``It had to do with the overall vision of the network and what they were doing to move forward.\'\'

It wasn\'t an unreasonable excuse, given that during Samantha Best\'s first year of college, she dealt with accidental deaths, suicide attempts, drug overdoses and plenty of other melodrama. But the heartbroken fan response was overwhelming, with viewers from all over the world continuing to ask about the show\'s future long after its cancellation.

``The new media of MySpace and Facebook - the kind of world we live in now, everybody\'s very accessible, including people who are on TV,\'\' says Randal Edwards - who, ironically, plays the Canadian show\'s sole Canadian character, Noah. ``You\'ll know exactly where the show has aired because suddenly you\'ll get a friend request from Buenos Aires. Like, \'Oh, we must have hit Argentina.\' It was amazing.\'\'

The fan campaigns to save the show were fervent enough to motivate producers to keep working with The N and Global to bring the show back.

``We talked through with them a way to change it from what the first season had been and to do a slightly revamped version of the show that had more of a sense of humour,\'\' says Halpern.

The sudden and unexpected renewal was welcome news to Shea, though the actress received the news at a slightly inopportune time.

``I was going into an audition that was really, really sad - I was supposed to cry in the audition. So, I\'m just about to go in and I\'m totally depressed, and my agent\'s like, \'Yeah, by the way, they\'re bringing back The Best Years for another season,\'\'\' she remembers. ``And then I had to go into a sad audition and . . . I wasn\'t sad. I was screaming in total joy. Yeah. I love Sam. \'\'

Edwards also reacted with elation and disbelief.

``At that point, all the (actors\') contracts had run out. I had heard rumours of it, as has, I think, anyone who has had a show cancelled, and you cling to the rumours. \'Yeah, my show\'s coming back; my show\'s coming back,\'\'\' says Edwards. ``Like, uh huh, sure it is.\'\'

But it wasn\'t a joke.

Soon enough, the second season of The Best Years was producing eight new episodes, albeit with an altered tone. In Season 2, Samantha returns to university after travelling the world, having developed a new outlook on life.

``I feel like (Samantha) is completely different. She doesn\'t take things so seriously,\'\' Shea says of her character. ``She has more life experience because she travelled, because (that) happened in my own life, so I understand it. She kind of grew up a bit. She had such high expectations going into freshman year, so she realizes that it is what it is and she\'s going to make the best out of the second year.\'\'

Adds Edwards: ``The show itself hasn\'t changed; the characters are the same. We lost a few, we gained a few. It\'s just lighter. It\'s not nearly as down in the dumps and boo-hoo. It\'s a more fun show and it\'s more fun to be a part of.\'\'

The characters are now dealing with more typical college experiences, like casual dating and prank wars, instead of the life-and-death storylines of Season 1. It\'s a definite shift from what fans are used to, but Edwards and Shea are confident the changes will be welcomed.

``You can\'t rely on last season\'s show to tell this year\'s story. I think everybody\'s coming from a new place and you\'re basically giving them an eight- episode pilot to see if people dig it,\'\' says Edwards. ``And if they do, we\'ll see what happens next year.\'\'

Season 2 of The Best Years premieres Sunday, Mar. 22 at 7 p.m. ET on E! Canada.

I swear I don\'t get The N. The excuse that they were looking towards more light-hearted programming for why they originally canceled it is bogus since at the time Darcy was going through her rape ordeal and Spinner with his cancer on Degrassi. I enjoyed the dark melodrama of season 1 so I don\'t know if I\'m going to enjoy this shift in season 2. Plus, after 2 years we\'re only getting 8 episodes? What a rip-off!


More dates from!

7/3 Degrassi
7/10 The Assistants
8/7 Degrassi Goes to Hollywood
8/17 Beyond the Break
11/20 Halo Awards (Young World Awards)

All dates are listed as tentative and subject to change


Sweet! Hey KYL416 Do you know the date when The N/TEENick rebrand occurs?