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Discovery Kids programming on The Hub

Started by KyL416, October 10, 2010, 01:21:56 PM


Many Discovery Kids shows will remain on the schedule, although condensed in a Saturday - Monday early morning block:

4:00am Trading Spaces: Boys vs Girls
4:30am Adventure Camp
5:00am Scout\'s Safari
5:30am The Saddle Club

4:00am Serious
4:30am Timeblazers
5:00am Dinosapien
5:30am The Future is Wild

4:00am Time Warp Trio
4:30am Growing Up Creepie
5:00am Grossology
5:30am Kenny the Shark

Endurance (Weekdays at 6:30p), Tutenstein (Weekdays at 2:30p) will also be part of the regular schedule. Black Hole High and Truth vs Scare have the 8pm slot on Saturdays for the first week, however there\'s a movie the following week.