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TeenNick April Highlights

Started by KyL416, March 29, 2011, 06:37:26 PM



Premieres Friday, 4/8 at 9pm et
"Chasing Pavements, pt. 2"
Fiona tries to pick up where she left off with Adam. But is she into him for who he really is... or who she wants him to be?

Premieres Friday, 4/15 at 9pm et
"Drop the World, pt. 1"
Eli is getting increasingly intense about his and Clare's need for togetherness. Is he just in love, or is something else going on here?

Season Finale
Premieres Friday, 4/22 at 9pm et
"Drop the World, pt. 2"
Eli promises he'll give Clare the space she's asking for. Can he hold to his word, or will he still find a way to draw her back to him?


Premieres Friday, 4/8 at 9:30pm et
"The Joy of Contrition"
Walt is stoked to hear from a producer. But is this about his music or his last name? Anna and Piper set off a brawl at a party, and Vanessa stoops to reality TV.

Premieres Friday, 4/15 at 9:30pm et
"Food Stylist Girl"
Will the stupid paparazzi cost Joey a living, Anna her boyfriend, and Piper her dream gay stepdad? And what on earth does Vanessa have to teach Walt about songwriting?

Season Finale
Premieres Friday, 4/22 at 9:30pm et
"Things That Haven't Happened Yet"
Anna is over her parents' wariness of Joey; so why not run away to Asia with him? And Piper thinks the Moore's premiere is a great place for her dad to come out -- whether he wants to or not.

Millennial super heroines kick ass using their half babe-half fish powers to deal with both bad guys and relatable everyday challenges of teendom.  Grrl power meets fantasy as the girls' supernatural abilities empower them to do all the things you'd do if you had their cool mermaid thing going.  They're femme, fun and fierce! You can get your "grrmaid" fix on every night – with a big chunk of H2O-MGness every weekend, starting Saturday 4/30 at 6pm et!


Do you know if they're going to be airing the third season of H20 (that Nick didn't show when they were airing the show) or will it just be the first two?


I don't know yet, I'm hoping they do and don't just give up on airing it before they finish the first season. Nickelodeon didn't even make it half way through season 2 if i remember.

I only saw parts of the second half dubbed in Romanian on Jetix Romania about two years ago, lol.


I got some of May's grids. Beginning 5/9 H2O gets a weekday hour long strip at 6am and 6pm ET. It's the generic grid so I don't know what specific episode, but hopefully this means we'll get to where Nickelodeon left off sooner than later.

On a side note, the May grid has a lot of gaps at 10pm and 2am beginning the week of 5/9, as if someone "slayed" a portion of it off...


The gaps have been filled in, back to back episodes of Buffy 7 days a week at 10pm and 2am beginning 5/9


Bad news for H20, after TeenNick gets to 213, where Nickelodeon left off, they go back to 101. :(


If you have it, Netflix recently added all of seasons 2 and 3 of H2O.


I was watching some of the promos for H2O, one of them has footage from later unaired episodes of season 2 when...
[spoiler]Charlotte becomes a mermaid and attacks the 3 of them with snakes made out of water in the moon pool[/spoiler]
...yet nothing past 213 is on the schedule.