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Degrassi Episode Descriptions and Titles -- Updated 6/30

Started by KyL416, January 11, 2012, 10:38:00 AM


1132x - Underneath It All
It's a new year at Degrassi, and Fiona's ready for a fresh start. When an exclusive party at her loft leads to a late-night senior prank, who will take the blame? Now that Clare and Jake are living together, their relationship is hotter than ever. Clare tests Jake to determine if they're "emotionally ready" for sex. Meanwhile, a new crop of niners get their first taste of Degrassi drama! Katie's little sister, Maya, meets a cute boy on the first day of school, but Tori and Tristan warn her that Zig is bad news.

1134 - Can't Tell Me Nothing, Part 1
Katie injures her knee at tryouts for the National Soccer Team. Desperate to make the team, she searches for a quick fix that will allow her to play through the pain. Jenna tries get her happy-go-lucky attitude back by picking up her guitar, but after everything she's been through, her old songs sound all wrong. Jake encourages her to write something new. When Tori ditches Tristan to hang out with Zig, Tris is hurt. He'll say anything to get his best friend back, but will he break her heart in the process?

1135 - Can't Tell Me Nothing, Part 2
When Katie steals her mom's pain medication, she feels like she can do anything, even play soccer on an injured knee. Making the National Soccer Team matters more to her than anything else, so she pushes her body to the limit. As Jenna prepares to perform at the Degrassi Coffeehouse, Jake warns her that K.C. might not like her new song. K.C. overhears and decides to give Jenna a taste of her own medicine. Tori, Tristan, and Zig try to work together on a musical act, but it falls apart when they can't see eye to eye.

1136 - Not Ready to Make Nice, Part 1
On Jake's birthday, he invites his "new girl" over for dinner. Clare loses her temper at the table and decides she can't share a house with Jake anymore. The new plan: moving in with dad... if he agrees. When Connor and Mo compete for a spot on the football team, Connor has a hard time fitting in with the guys. Fiona realizes she's developing a crush on Imogen when they work together on a school project. Instead of confessing her feelings, she distracts herself by playing matchmaker for her friends.

1137 - Not Ready to Make Nice, Part 2
Clare feels like everyone in her life has rejected her -- everyone except her new friend Summer, who still wants her to move in. Summer's easygoing attitude seems like exactly what Clare needs, but is this new living situation too good to be true? Jake decides to do a little investigating. Meanwhile, Fiona arranges a surprise date for Eli and Imogen at her loft, but the set-up is a disaster. Connor is sick of Mo's constant teasing during football practice, so he sets him up on a date with an imaginary girl.

1138 - Need You Now, Part 1
Eli feels like his bi-polar disorder is under control, but Bullfrog disagrees, and doesn't think Eli should be dating. When Imogen shows Eli her senior art project -- a mural about mental illness, featuring his portrait -- he lashes out and accidentally breaks her camera. Ty's adoptive parents invite K.C. and Jenna to the christening, and K.C. decides he wants a bigger role in his son's life. Tori does a great job at power squad tryouts, but Marisol thinks niners are unreliable. Can Tori prove her wrong?

1139 - Need You Now, Part 2
Eli catches Imogen in a lie and thinks she must be cheating on him. Adam's advice is to play it cool, but Eli is obsessed with finding out the truth. Will spying on Imogen ease his worries -- or ruin their new relationship? K.C. has trouble coping with the fact that Ty has a new name, and a new life that doesn't involve him. When Marisol makes Tori wear the mascot costume around school at lunch, roaring to raise money for the power squad, she turns to Zig for emotional support.

1140 - Smash Into You, Part 1
Desperate to get Alli back, Dave signs up to help her organize the Model UN. His summer fling, Jacinta, has been texting him nonstop, so he cuts off all communication with her. It looks like things might work out with Alli -- until Jacinta shows up at Degrassi. Since Katie's in the hospital for her knee surgery, Marisol is stuck with Mo as a partner for Model UN, and they drive each other crazy. Adam receives a note from a secret admirer and assumes it's a prank... but what if it's not?

1141 - Smash Into You, Part 2
At Model UN, Jacinta tries to explain to Dave how much she likes him. When he tells her the summer was a mistake, she is an emotional wreck. She steals Dave's phone, and sends Alli a break-up text. Crying and upset, she runs into the street with the phone. Meanwhile, Marisol thinks Mo is developing a crush on her, and she wants to put a stop to it. Clare helps Adam prepare for his date, but when he meets his secret admirer, he's mortified.

1142 - Hollaback Girl, Part 1
With Vince in jail, Bianca is working hard to get a fresh start, but does she have what it takes to be friends with Katie?

1143 - Hollaback Girl, Part 2
Drew vacillitates about his relationship with Katie; Alli gets Dave into an embarrassing situation.

1144 - In the Cold Cold Night, Part 1
Fiona and Imogen plot to end Marisol's Student Council reign by throwing an unforgettable end-of-semester Degrassi holiday carnival.

1145 - In the Cold Cold Night, Part 2
Fiona worries her Frostival idea will crash and burn when financial problems arise. It's time to get creative... and go after what she's truly wanted all year.


These have been floating around for a while, the first 20 episodes of Season 12:

1201 - Come As You Are, Part 1
Drew returns from break ready to end things with Katie. Clare is thrilled to see Eli, but is it mutual?

1202 - Come As You Are, Part 2
After blacking out, Drew tries to piece together what happened at the party.

1203 - Walking On Broken Glass, Part 1
Rejected and angry, Katie seeks revenge on Drew. Simpson asks Eli to work with Becky on the play.

1204 - Walking On Broken Glass, Part 2
Drew feels like his life is falling apart. Meanwhile, Eli and Becky struggle to cast the play.

1205 - Got Your Money, Part 1
Zig tries to hide the fact that he's poor from Tori. Dave wonders if he's the right choice to play Romeo.

1206 - Got Your Money, Part 2
Zig will do anything to impress Tori... even steal. Fiona wants Imogen to define their relationship.

1207 - Say It Ain't So, Part 1
Alli is offered a scholarship to MIT. Jake decides college isn't for him.

1208 - Say It Ain't So, Part 2
Alli makes a difficult choice. Jake tries to prove himself to his father.

1209 - Closer To Free, Part 1
Jenna bonds with Becky -- and Becky's hot brother, Luke. Is it a problem that Jenna's not Christian?

1210 - Closer To Free, Part 2
Jenna gets baptized, but did she do it for the wrong reasons? Drew considers dropping out of Degrassi.

1211 - Waterfalls, Part 1
Clare tries to impress Asher. K.C. and Bianca play matchmaker.

1212 - Waterfalls, Part 2
When Asher sexually harasses her, Clare reports him -- and loses her internship. K.C. gets some surprising news.

1213 - Rusty Cage, Part 1
Cam blows off hockey practice to hang out with Maya. K.C.'s dad is released from jail.

1214 - Rusty Cage, Part 2
Cam struggles to live up to everyone's expectations on the ice. K.C. wants his dad out of his life.

1215 - Never Ever, Part 1
Imogen designs a set for the musical, but is it too elaborate? Meanwhile, Becky interferes with ticket sales.

1216 - Never Ever, Part 2
Imogen worries about her dad's strange behavior. Becky bonds with Adam. Katie and Jake kiss.

1217 - Sabotage, Part 1
Clare writes an article that stirs up trouble at school and makes her a new enemy -- Mike Dallas.

1218 - Sabotage, Part 2
Eli organizes a surprise birthday party to cheer Clare up, and starts to suspect that she's hiding something.

1219 - Scream, Part 1
When a group of parents try to stop the play, Eli takes action. Meanwhile, Becky wants to "save" Adam.

1220 - Scream, Part 2
On opening night for Romeo and Jules, Tristan is nowhere to be found. Is it stage fright -- or something worse?



Titles for the rest of Season 12:

1221 - Building A Mystery, Part 1
As Becky begins to fall for Adam, she worries how her conservative parents will react.

1222 - Building A Mystery, Part 2
Becky doesn't want to keep Adam a secret, so she decides to tell her parents that he's transgender.

1223 - Doll Parts, Part 1
Maya is not feeling very good about herself, so she lets Tori give her a pageant-style makeover.

1224 - Doll Parts, Part 2
Maya's friendship with Tori is tested when both girls compete in the Miss Millennial pageant.

1225 - I Want It That Way, Part 1
Frustrated with her heavy workload, Alli decides to have a little fun -- with or without Dave.

1226 - I Want It That Way, Part 2
After several days without sleep, Alli crashes at the worst possible time.

1227 - Tonight, Tonight, Part 1
At the Battle of the Bands, Adam really hits it off with Missy, another musician.

1228 - Tonight, Tonight, Part 2
As WhisperHug prepares for the band competition, things get messy between Adam and Missy.

* Break *

1229x - Degrassi Las Vegas (fka Lovefool)
After winning tickets for a trip to Vegas at a fundraiser, a bunch of the Degrassi kids take off on a spring break adventure that none of them will soon forget.

* Break *

1231 - Bitter Sweet Symphony, Part 1
It's a new semester!  But after an amazing week at home, Cam's hesitant to go back to school.  Things are good with Maya, but he's getting more and more insecure.

1232 - Bitter Sweet Symphony, Part 2
The school comes together to try and make sense of this unthinkable tragedy.

1233 - Ray Of Light, Part 1
Eli throws himself into the video yearbook to try and forget recent events. When Clare becomes more therapist, and less girlfriend, Eli tries to escape.

1234 - Ray Of Light, Part 2
Post tragedy, Jenna will make it her mission to let Degrassi students know that somebody cares and that they're not alone.  But who will be there for her?  A very unlikely candidate steps up.  Eli and Clare come to a crossroads.

1235 - Karma Police, Part 1
Drew's moving out and Fiona's forced to get a job at the mall! But when she accidentally reveals too much on-line, her space is invaded.

1236 - Karma Police, Part 2
After the attack in her loft, will Fiona ever feel safe again?  She goes to extreme measures to achieve peace of mind.

1237 - Zombie, Part 1
When Drew's nominated for school president, he casually agrees that he may as well run - no biggie -- against the very serious Clare.

1238 - Zombie, Part 2
When Drew learns people think he's a joke, he starts taking the campaign seriously - now we've got a race! Maya channels her confused feelings about her loss and acts out in unexpected ways.

* Break *

1239 - It's The End of The World As We Know It, Part 1
1240 - It's The End of The World As We Know It, Part 2
Imogen can't imagine saying goodbye to Fiona, and resorts to desperate measures to keep them together. Clare attempts to move on with her life without Eli. Mo wants to lock down a "bromance" with Jake before summer.

(And if the powers that be at 1515 Broadway want to complain about them being out so early again, and by early they mean more than a week in advanced, they should know that it was the executive producer of the show who tweeted pictures of the scripts during the table reads)


They really care if you put up episode titles early? Wow... it's not like you can glean any plot points from them. That's funny!


Yeah, they also complained about me mentioning the debut of Lightning Point/Alien Surf Girls earlier this year because it wasn't in the grids yet, until I pointed out that a promo for it was up on TeenNick's website two weeks before they even noticed I posted about it, along with the distributor ZDF mentioning that the show was picked up in the US by TeenNick and around the world by several Nickelodeon channels.




Are you aware of when Tonight Tonight will air? Zap2It has both parts airing on Tuesday the 20th at 9:00 PM ET.


I don't have the full episode list for that week yet, however MuchMusic currently lists TBA in that timeslot on their grids so it's possible.


MuchMusic's schedule still has TBA listed for the 20th, however they have both parts of Tonight Tonight on the 23rd.


Degrassi will air on the 20th, Thanksgiving and Black Friday are pre-empted for a Hollywood Heights marathon


MuchMusic's TBA turned out to be Live@Much with Metric, so it looks like TeenNick is getting these two episodes 3 days before Canada.


MuchMusic is airing Degrassi in Ghana on Sunday night, I should have it either later that night or the next day.

MuchMusic will air the next two episodes on December 14th as Viva Las Vegas. TeenNick might be airing it that night too.

EDIT: As of now TeenNick has a rerun of My Body is a Cage that night.


TeenNick has been running promos for it airing on the 14th. They're calling it Degrass: Las Vegas.