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Degrassi Episode Descriptions and Titles -- Updated 6/30

Started by KyL416, January 11, 2012, 10:38:00 AM


And of course in Nick's usual fashion, they put the wrong information in the schedules, thankfully the promo department is actually competant


MuchMusic is having a MuchTalks special after Bittersweet Symphony, Part 2 on the 22nd.


Nothing happens in tonight's episode, it's just a build up to next week.

However in the preview for part 2 there is one person who is missing while everyone else is reacting to whatever happened. If it is what it appears to be, Degrassi TNG never went there, but there was an episode of Degrassi High that did.


We actually get some old school continuity for once in tonight's episode, Snake gives Eli some advice about dealing with what he saw. For those who never saw the Degrassi High episode Showtime, Snake was the one who found Claude in the bathroom after he shot himself.


Vanessa Morgan appears in tonight's episode, marking at least one appearance of the entire cast of The Latest Buzz in an interesting twist with her former costar Demetrius Joyette.

(And likely why MuchMusic is holding back on the description for Part 2 until after tonight's airs)



"It's The End of The World As We Know It" will air as a one hour graduation special in June.

The promo teases it as "The Best Graduation Ever", but it would have to do a lot to top the two graduations for the classes involving the original cast, as opposed to the quick throwaway scene at the beginning Degrassi Takes Manhattan for Peter, Danny, Bruce, Johnny, Jane and company.


"It's the end of the World As We Know It" will air as "The Time of My Life".

I knew about the change a while ago, but I was waiting for confirmation since at first I thought they confused the song from Dirty Dancing with Green Day's "The Time of Your Life". I guess they forgot what decade they're using this season, lol.

The promo:


Season 13 titles:

1301 - Summertime, Part 1
1302 - Summertime, Part 2
It's summer at Degrassi, and as everyone heads in different directions, their friendships and relationships are tested.

1303 - All I Wanna Do
Despite her illness, Clare is determined to remain a regular girl.  Alli is lonely in Paris and tries to make the best of it without her BF and Tristan tries to 'bro' up while rooming with the guys.

1304 - My Own Worst Enemy
Scared Clare tries to break free from the hospital with Drew's help while Alli starts to have some romance in Paris.

1305 - About a Girl
Why is Becky blowing Adam off to spend time with Todd?  Who's Todd?  Adam is not liking this long distance relationship thing.  Alli is falling hard for her Parisian waiter and worries maybe too hard too fast?

1306 - Cannonball
Adam takes Dallas' advice and tries juggling two girls at once.  But he's not that kind of guy.  When upset Tristan goes AWOL in Paris, Maya enlists her sworn enemy for help find him and  Alli continues to try and find balance in her relationships.

1307 - Honey
Leo and Alli are getting to feel really serious.  Distraught Drew needs to visit camp for comfort. Maya must show up Zoë and puts an expensive dress on her mother's credit card… nothing could possibly go wrong, right?!

1308 - Young Forever
As summer comes to an end, Becky tries to understand the meaning behind an unexpected tragedy. Working to rally Degrassi together, she orchestrates an evening to remember.


Does anyone know how long ago Stephen Stohn posted these on twitter, was it a while ago during the table reads like he did with the last batch of season 12 titles or recently?

One of my sources has an alterntate title for 1308, but I don't know when they got them, so it's possible the one they have listed is an older title. (i.e. It's The End of The World As We Know It vs Time of My Life)


In no particular order, more season 13 titles, the ones with numbers are a collection of things Stephen Stohn posted on twitter in recent months, the rest are the next batch of episodes:

1309 - This Is How We Do It
Drew is determined to give Degrassi its best year ever, but after everything he's been through, is he up to the task?

1310 - You Got Me
Desperate for a date to the beach bash, Zoë tries to make a deal with Drew. She knows he has a fiancée... right?

1311 - You Oughta Know
Clare's journalism skills are tested when she interviews Zoë for a national magazine. Meanwhile, Miles needs a favor from Tristan.

1312 - Everything You've Done Wrong
Clare worries about her future as she struggles to cover up a huge mistake.

1313 - Who Do You Think You Are
After Maya performs a new song in class, Zoë offers to direct an attention-grabbing music video.

1314 - Barely Breathing
Maya's friends give her conflicting advice on how to handle her online tormentors. Should she lay low -- or get even?

1315 - Black or White
A public clash with Winston threatens Drew's popularity -- and his presidency. Eli comes home for a visit.

1316 - Spiderwebs
As the Degrassi Family Feast approaches, Drew is distracted by a visit from Bianca.

1317 - The World I Know
On Ali's birthday, she can only think about Leo being sent away; Maya returns from suspension; Drew works with a mayoral candidate.

1318 - Better Man
Alli continues to lie to protect Leo; Maya proves she is not a princess; Drew needs help preparing for an important interview.

1319 - Dig Me Out
Drew tries to juggle a job and a girlfriend; Alli tries to forget Leo by concentrating on work; Imogen plans a scathing piece for Degrassi TV.

1320 - Power to the People
Drew decides to break up with Zoe; Alli and Dallas team up to stay focused; Imogen takes her dress code fight to the Internet.

1321 - No Surprises
Clare and Drew grow closer to one another; Miles questions his family life.

1322 - Basket Case
Miles wants to learn his father's secrets. Alli is worried that Dallas may take the law into his own hands. Clare assigns herself a strict set of rules to follow.

1323 - Unbelievable, Part 1
Rumors of Zoe's drinking prompt Becky to file a report about teen girl and alcohol; she discovers a video of Zoe and two strangers.

1324 - Unbelievable, Part 2 (fka Sad But True)
Becky attempts to set things right after making a false allegation about Zoë's assault.

1325 - What It's Like
Maya tries to help Zig out of a tough situation. Jenna sets her sights on winning the semi-formal king and queen crowns with Connor. Becky worries.

1326 - Close to Me

1327 - Army of Me
Dallas thinks he's being racially profiled; Clare wants to find Drew a new girlfriend; Tristan is determined to join Mr. Yates' new Theatre Collective.

1328 - Everything Is Everything
Dallas gets shocking news at the science fair; Clare deals with jealousy.

1329 - Sparks Will Fly, Part 1
1330 - Sparks Will Fly, Part 2
The dream role that Zoe finally lands hits too close to home after her assault; Claire is in a pickle as she searches for a date to Wild Wild West Night; Miles top priority is settling the score with Zig as they fight for Maya's affection.

1331 - You Are Not Alone
Maya tries to keep Zig safe, but her worst fears are confirmed when she finds a bag of drugs. Winston comes to an epiphany when it comes to girls.

1332 - Enjoy the Silence
The plan to hide Zig at the Matlin house appears to be working for the moment; Claire demands answers from Drew.

1333 - How Bizarre
Becky turns to online gaming to escape her feelings of isolation caused by helping turn in her brother; Drew's charm backfires on him.

1334 - My Hero
Drew's life is turned upside down after he's fired from the campaign, has a fight with Dallas and gets a reputation as a home-wrecker; Becky's online gaming becomes online dating.

1335 - Hypnotize
Mr. Yates offers Tristan writing help if he comes to his apartment; Imogen is inamored with Jack and attempts to prove that she can hang with the crowd.

1336 - Out of My Head
Mr. Yates warns Tristan about concealing their affair; Imogen will do anything quirky to gain Jack's affection.

1337 - Believe, Part 1
When Zoë worries about how she is being portrayed in her trial, she takes matters into her own hands; Becky is concerned about what she will say on the stand.

1338 - Believe, Part 2
The media covers Zoë's trial; Zoë gets nervous as the verdict nears; Becky is conflicted about her testimony, but knows what the right thing would be.

1339 - Thunderstruck, Part 1
1340 - Thunderstruck, Part 2
Maya, Zig, and Zoë plan to attend a Degrassi dance, but get stranded at the Matlin house due to an unexpected storm. Meanwhile, Clare heads to NYC for an interview at Columbia and fears running into Eli, and Drew searches for missing Becky.

As for the alternate title I mentioned for "Young Forever", it turns out it was just another one of TeenNick's screwups and they had the titles for Creep and Young Forever swapped. At one point it made it to some of the listings providers for a few days before MuchMusic got it corrected.


The revolving door of shows in Canada continues. New episodes of Degrassi will be on MTV Canada (joining the Saved by the Bell and California Dreams reruns along with all the MTV shows liek Awkward. that previously aired on MuchMusic), MuchMore is changing to M3 and will be the home of the CW and ABC Family shows that previously aired on MuchMusic along with a resurrection of the Videoflow branding for music video blocks, MuchMusic is now Much and replaced most of their schedule with Comedy Central and TBS shows while the only stuff that remained on The Comedy Network is Daily Show and Colbert.

MTV will also have After Degrassi, which might be better. For those that don't know, it was MTV Canada that originated MTV's aftershows while The Hills was still on the air.


Next Thursday MTV Canada will premiere Degrassi in Nicaragua after the fall premiere. After Degrassi returns the following week.