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House of Anubis Season 3

Started by KyL416, December 20, 2012, 04:18:22 PM


House of Anubis season 3 debuts January 3rd at 8pm. Unlike previous seasons where it was a weekday strip of 15 minute episodes back to back, they expanded each episode to 30 minutes that will now air weekly Thursday nights back to back. So hopefully no more waiting a year for each season.

Also, unlike previous seasons, it will not be a direct adaptation, almost word for word, of Het Huis Anubis since the main character Nina left the show, although based on the previews they seem to be keeping some of the plot. The original Anubis franchise ended after the 3rd season, there was a 5 Senses spinoff that only aired in the Netherlands and Belgium that wrapped up in 2010, outside of some stage shows that continued into 2011, but it was never adapted for Das Haus Anubis. There were also 2 theatrical movies after seasons 2 and 3 as well as one made for TV movie set a few years after the finale that featured a quick appearance with the kids from the spinoff, but I doubt we'll get them. All of those Nickelodeon stations replaced it with Hotel 13 that premired this fall, produced in German but had dubs that aired on a same day basis in Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish.


So what happens when you schedule a program in a Thursday at 8pm timeslot that you've never programmed before that's head to head with major network programming like American Idol? Miserable ratings and the series gets yanked from the schedule until further notice. They should have kept the weekday strip at 7pm, the exact same timeslot that made it a success in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

On a side note, TeenNick Netherlands recently got a subtitled version of House of Anubis, it would be interesting to see how they take season 1, an almost word for word adaptation of Het Huis and see Nienke (Nina) leave after Season 2 and the equivelent of Robbie (Eddie) who had nothing but minor subplots with Mick, Joyce (Joy) and Patricia become the main character.


Well the show's hope of gaining an audience is dead as well as a potential original fourth season. If airing head to head with Idol wasn't bad enough, they're giving it a Monday - Thursday strip at 8:30pm starting next week on TeenNick. Hey Nick, there's a reason why most cable networks do not program new episodes on weeknight strips during primetime, especially a series with a serial format. There's a reason why Degrassi only has it's weeknight stunt during summer, when most network programming is in reruns. Good luck keeping an audience who also watches Idol, The Carrie Diaries, Switched at Birth, Arrow, Secret Life, The Lying Game, The Voice and/or Vampire Diaries instead on some of those nights. What do all these shows have in common? They're at least an HOUR long and start at 8pm, good luck getting any viewers to remember to switch to TeenNick at 8:30pm.


They finally released the updated schedule, in addition to the horrible 8:30pm slot, Anubis will have a rerun 3 hours later.



Anyone like myself who relies on the 11:30pm replay because we have more important things to watch during primetime that do not repeat multiple times before the next episode (as well as several shows with live voting and results that will be spoiled on your Facebook and Twitter feed if you don't see it live) are in for a huge dissapointment next week. Too bad they waited until the last minute again to release the schedule update so it probably won't even reach your set-tops in time Monday.


So there's no 11:30 repeat airing next week? Damn.


11:30pm is gone, but there's a new block at 7am which will show the previous night's episode.


Apparantly Nickelodeon didn't learn their lesson from this season's House of Anubis fiasco, new episodes of Big Time Rush and Wendell and Vinnie will be in that same Thursday's at 8pm timeslot on Nickelodeon... And they're not even waiting until the summer when they don't have competition from major network TV shows so it will be going head to head with the final stretch of American Idol among other shows

Hey Nick, I'll give you a hint, if a show that's a hit around the world tanks in the USA around the same time you make major and poorly thought out schedule changes, it's not the show's fault. *cough* House of Anubis *cough* The Troop *cough* Bucket and Skinner *cough* Power Rangers *cough* Life with Boys *cough* H2O *cough*


A tip for anyone wanting to watch the original Het Huis Anubis, try your best to look for encodes of the original airings with the old Nickelodeon logo at the top left and the 11 on the top right. I recently ran through season 2 and once I got to later episodes that were DVD encodes all of the music was removed. The original Het Huis Anubis had a lot of scenes with popular music at the time playing in the background from Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado, Mika, and others. Along with a scene where Appie (Alfie) got a vacumn cleaner, a uniform and did the "Who are you gonna call" line with Ghostbusters playing. (Something lacking in House of Anubis who just had the score from Het Huis Anubis, including the instrumental of the Het Huis Anubis theme in some scenes) It also reminded me how much similar the series were:

House of Anubis season 1 had the Robbie character who helped Mick rig the election in exchange for a date with Patricia. At the time no one really knew he was Mr. Sweet's son just that somehow he had access to things other students didn't so he was the guy to go to if they wanted to get someting done. In season 2 when they did find out, Robbie was replaced with Eddie, however Robbie never lived at the house.

In Het Huis Anubis Mara had a twin sister Yasmine, in House of Anubis Patricia had Piper as her twin sister. Mara left in the middle of season 2 and was replaced with Noa, who also ended up in a relationship with Jeroen (Jerome). The elements of Noa's character that wouldn't make in incestuous ended up being implemented into Jerome's sister Poppy for season 2.

The final scene of Het Huis Anubis season 2 and House of Anubis season 2 were exactly the same with Victor and the ring.

Since Bobby Lockwood left to be on the CBBC series Wolfblood we lost out on a lot of Mick/Robbie plots that involved them, Patricia, Joy, Mr. Sweet, and their equivelent of Ms. Andrews. Including a plot at the end of season 2 where they all go to an amusement park, which was basically a glorified promo for Plopsaland, an amusement park in Belgium also owned by Studio 100.

In House of Anubis Patricia remained with Sibuna until the end, while in Het Huis Anubis after Joyce (Joy) returned Patricia for the most part left Sibuna and eventually Jeroen (Jerome) and Noa joined Sibuna towards the end of season 2 and season 3. Unfortunately in House of Anubis it had the side effect of Joy's and Patrcia's friendship that was driving force of her being in Sibuna during season 1 going nowhere after Joy returned.

Season 3 of House of Anubis was a mess, with characters leaving or taking on different Het Huis of Anubis roles in the plot, some characters basically had nothing going for them since another character got their main plot.
Jerome got Mick's plots, especially the whole triangle that eventually led to him being Joy. Neinke's (Nina's) plots basically went to KT. Eddie got Jeroen's Sibuna plot but kept Robbie's relationship with Patricia. Noa's plots went all over the place, her Sibuna plot for the most part went to Patricia, her non-Sibuna plot went to Mara. Willow got Patricia's non-Sibuna plots while she got Amber's relationship with Appie, towards the end she also got some of Amber's Sibuna plot.