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NHL Networks Future

Started by KyL416, November 26, 2013, 02:11:30 PM


Up in Canada, the NHL and Rogers announced that they will have the national rights to the NHL, stripping TSN of its rights along with the current TSN operated Canadian NHL Network which will be relaunched as SportsNet NHL. Since most of the studio programming on the US NHL Network is produced by TSN this will result in a major revamp of programming next season.

Hockey Night in Canada will remain on CBC, however it will be in a sublicensing agreement where City, Rogers SportsNet, SportsNet One and SportsNet 360 will air games under the Hockey Night in Canada banner too.

It also has the side effect of The Hockey Theme not being on Canadian TV for the first time since 1968 since as of now Bell Media still owns it, unless Bell sells the rights to Rogers which could potentially mean the return of The Hockey Theme to Hockey Night in Canada.

For those in the USA, this is basically the equivelent of if the NFL moved from Fox to The CW.