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Power Rangers Megaforce Episode Descriptions and Titles -- Updated 11/3

Started by KyL416, January 17, 2013, 09:01:26 PM


I don't know if all of these are in order, but here's the titles for Megaforce:


301 - Mega Mission (2/2)
When malicious aliens make their way to Earth's orbit, Gosei decides to form a new team of teenage heroes to defend the planet and carry on the proud tradition of the Power Rangers.

302 - He Blasted Me With Science (2/9)
The alien invaders send Yuffo, an alien scientist, down to Earth to study the human race and determine how best to defeat them.  Meanwhile, Troy finds himself face-to-face with Creepox.

303 - Going Viral (2/16)
When Noah has trouble lifting Jake's heavy weapon he begins to doubt his abilities, until he learns that believing in yourself is all that's necessary to get any job done.

304 - Stranger Ranger (2/23)
As the Rangers learn that concentration is essential to perfecting their Ranger skills, they are distracted by a civilian falsely claiming to be a Ranger.

305 - United We Stand (3/2)
Best Friends Gia and Emma are turned into bitter enemies by a vicious monster, Beezara.  Meanwhile, the guys are captured by "queen bee" Beezara and turned into her drone slaves.

306 - Harmony and Dizchord (3/9)
When a monster attacks the city with music that produces physical pain, the Rangers must fight back in an unorthodox way with a song of their own.

307 - Who's Crying Now? (3/16)
After Troy deals with some small-minded bullies at school, the Rangers square off against a more dangerous bully, Creepox.

308 - Robo Knight (3/30)
The mysterious Robo Knight joins the Power Rangers.  Can he help them defeat toxic monsters that threaten the earth?

309 - Prince Takes Knight (4/6)
While the Rangers are unsure about how to work with the newly-arrived Robo Knight, Vrak captures the robotic Ranger in an attempt to reprogram him for his own nefarious purposes.

310 - Man and Machine (9/7)
When a shadow-stealing monster attacks, the Rangers must teach Robo Knight the power of teamwork in order to defeat him.

311 - Ultra Power (9/14)
The Rangers must find and retrieve a powerful ancient weapon known as the Wild Sword, but Vrak is determined to harness its power for himself.

312 - Last Laugh (9/28)
It's no laughing matter when Gia and the other Rangers are captured by a monster who feeds on human laughter.  It's up to straight-laced Noah and no-nonsense Robo Knight to figure out how to work together and save their friends.

313 - Dream Snatcher (10/5)
A dream snatching monster preys on Emma and other humans, eating away their goals and ambitions.  With one Ranger down, the team must figure out how to defeat the monster before Emma is lost forever.

314 - Gosei Ultimate (10/12)
When Bluefur and Bigs use the Aurora box to become even more powerful, Gosei and the Power Rangers must pull out all the stops to defeat them and save the earth.

315 - The Human Factor (10/26)
The Power Rangers encounter their first Robotic opponents, who try to convince Robo Knight that humans are the true danger to the Earth.

316 - Rico the Robot (11/2)
When one of Metal Alice's robots malfunctions, Emma and the Power Rangers decide to adopt it and teach it the values of friendship and freedom.

317 - Staying on Track (11/9)
The Rangers must race to save the day when Metal Alice plots to throw the city into chaos by derailing a passenger train.  Meanwhile, Robo Knight comes closer to understanding humans when he meets a young boy.

318 - The Human Condition (11/16)
Admiral Malkor awakens from his cocoon stronger than ever and determined to destroy the Power Rangers.

319 - The Messenger (11/23)
The Rangers' victory over the Warstar aliens is short-lived when they discover Metal Alice has turned Vrak into a powerful and menacing cyborg.

320 - End Game (11/30)
When Cyborg Vrak, Metal Alice and the Messenger launch a vicious attack against the Power Rangers, it will take all their powers and abilities to save the earth.

321 - Raising Spirits (10/19)
On Halloween, the scariest night of the year, the Rangers have a strange encounter with a mysterious cloaked Medium who conjures "visions" of monsters past.

322 - The Robo Knight Before Christmas (12/7)
Robo Knight learns the true meaning of Christmas from a group of children when he is mistaken for a donated Christmas toy and is shipped in a charity crate to a foreign land.

Super Megaforce

401 - Super Megaforce (2/15)
Gosei presents the Rangers with new Morphers that unlock a Super Mega Mode, which will allow them to access the powers of every previous team of Power Rangers.

402 - Earth Fights Back (2/22)
While the rest of the team works with the civilians to rebuild their city, Troy stumbles upon a plot by the Armada to launch missiles at major cities throughout the world.

403 - Blue Saber Saga (3/1)
After being humiliated in battle by a master swordsman monster, Noah suffers a crisis of confidence and questions his worthiness as a Ranger.

404 - A Lion's Alliance (3/8)
Determined to strengthen their defense against the Armada, the Rangers head to a mystical airborne island named Animaria in search of the wild yet powerful Red Lion Zord.

405 - Samurai Surprise (3/15)
When a powerful monster named Matacore is sent by the emperor to take on the Rangers, they face a challenge like never before. Luckily, help comes in the form of a mysterious Samurai visitor.

406 - Spirit of the Tiger (3/22)
When the Rangers face a monster with a magnetic power to wrench their weapons away from them, Jake and Emma turn to quiet local Zoo Keeper named Casey to learn a special form of martial arts that helps them channel their personal animal spirits.

407 - Silver Lining, Part 1 (4/5)
The Rangers are shocked and mystified when they discover the presence of a new Silver Ranger. Is this strange new visitor an ally or a foe?

408 - Silver Lining, Part 2 (4/12)
Orion, the mysterious Silver Ranger, explains his past to Gosei and the Rangers and how he obtained the Silver Ranger Key.

409 - Power of Six (8/30)
When his Ranger teammates are sidelined by an energy-sucking monster, Jake must put aside his jealousy of Orion and help him use the combined power of the past Sixth Rangers to defeat this terrible foe.

410 - The Perfect Storm (9/6)
The Rangers are sidetracked from their fight against an invading monster when Tensou is struck by lightning, develops amnesia and wanders away from the Command Center.

411 - Love Is In the Air (9/13)
When a love potion accidentally makes the evil Levira fall in love with Jake, a jealous alien targets him for destruction.

412 - United as One (9/27)
When the Megazord is damaged in a fight against a monster who uses his staff to steal human's happiness, Emma uses unconventional methods to defeat this unusual monster.

413 - The Grass is Always Greener... or Bluer (10/4)
Jake and Noah find themselves literally standing in each other's shoes when a body-swapping monster named Tranceferer switches the two Rangers so that they are inhabiting each other's body.

414 - In the Driver's Seat (10/11)
Lured away from Earth to investigate an emergency signal from Corinth, the Rangers discover they've been trapped in the alternate dimension by Professor Cog, who attacks Earth in their absence. Their only hope to get back home lies with the wild Turbo Falcon Zord, who they must tame in order to return to their dimension and save Earth.

415 - All Hail Prince Vekar (10/18)
The Rangers finally battle the evil Prince Vekar face to face when he comes to Earth armed with his very own Megazord.

416 - Vrak is Back, Part 1 (10/25)
In the wake of Prince Vekar's defeat, the Ranger find themselves face-to-face with Vrak, who returns with a new plan to destroy the world and a new robot he has programmed to fight against the Rangers: Robo Knight!

417 - Vrak is Back, Part 2 (11/1)
Vrak continues his plan to split the Earth open via magical wedges.

418 - Emperor Mavro (11/8)
When Emperor Mavro arrives to avenge his sons, the Red Ranger is captured and used as a bargaining chip in an effort to convince the Earth to surrender to the Armada.

419 - The Wrath (11/15)
Just when the Rangers thought they'd saved the planet, the Emperor reveals himself and launches a massive attack on Earth.

420 - Legendary Battle (11/22)
The Emperor unleashes another massive attack on Earth and nearly defeats the Rangers, but against all odd they remain defiant and are rewarded with the help of all the Legendary Rangers from years past.