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Power Rangers November Listings -- Updated 11/20

Started by KyL416, November 01, 2014, 03:47:38 PM


As of now this is the only time the 75 minute edit is airing, 11pm on a school night. (Contrary to what Nick's programming department thinks, there's no such thing as a week long Thanksgiving recess, most schools only get Thursday and Friday off)

Burgundy Ranger

So, the whole 75 minutes is under the "Legendary Battle" title?

I guess that still lends a bit of uncertainty as to whether any part of "The Wrath" is in there or if it truly is a more-than-double-sized version of the ep Nick is showing tomorrow.


I know they had the Megaforce cast do some more ADR recently, but I doubt it was enough for another 30 minutes of footage. It will probably be a combo of The Wrath and Legendary Battle plus some extended in suit scenes.


Some early December Nicktoons notes:

Pattern pretty much continues, 9am remains a loop of Super Megaforce, 9:30am goes back and forth between Samurai and Super Samurai