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Power Rangers September Listings -- Updated 9/26

Started by KyL416, August 29, 2019, 06:56:06 AM

Burgundy Ranger

Hardly a day goes by without something new popping up.

Now, Comcast's on-screen guide and Zap2It show that the weekday 3pm slot goes bye-bye altogether on Sept. 30 -- more Turtles.


Yeah, the schedule now has Rise as a weekday strip between 2pm-4:30pm, followed by TMNT between 4:30pm-6pm. Also taking the 2pm hour from the weekday Rise/Lego/PR/RBUK/Korra marathons.


Aussie update, after they air Evox: Upgraded in about 5 hours, next week they revert back to episode 3 instead of showing the Halloween episode

Burgundy Ranger

Looks like Bryan (nickandmore) was right & that the TMNT stunt was a one-week thing -- Zap2It shows the weekday 3pm slot back on Monday 10/7 but, like before, it's listed (for now) as Super Megaforce.

It also puts "Thrills and Drills" into THIS WEEK'S 9am weekday cycle on Wednesday 9/25, pushing the rest back a day.


The Turtles block is gone, and 3pm Megaforce is back on the schedule next week

There is a pre-emption tommorow though