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Power Rangers February Listings -- Updated 2/19

Started by KyL416, January 26, 2021, 06:07:41 AM


There's a massive Nicktoons schedule change starting on Monday. PR is reduced to Saturdays at 9am, 9:30am, 8pm and 8:30pm along with what's potentially the encore slot of Mondays at 1:30pm. The grids currently have blocks of To Be Announced in those slots after Dino Fury premieres, so it's possible one of the Saturday slots will become an additional Dino Fury encore alongside the Beast Morphers reruns.


The filled in some of the TBA on 2/27 with Dino Charge.

Burgundy Ranger

I saw this last post and thought, "Oh KyL was typing too fast and put in the wrong show."

Then, I looked .... nope.

Makes me think that the 9am and 8pm slots will be for older Dino Fury episodes once the morning slot has gone through enough.

But if they want to impress me and go all-in on this "Dinos for everybody" kick, they'd make those slots Dino Thunder.

But they don't have the dinosaur eggs to do it.


Yet another massive Nicktoons schedule change starting next week...

What's potentially the Dino Fury slots for Nicktoons are still listed as TBA

Burgundy Ranger

Shoulda learned way before now that these schedule changes always seem to get posted in a very haphazard, piecemeal fashion. It always seems to take a few days for it to settle in to its final form.

But this is, by far, the earliest the previous incarnation of PR has been 100% pulled from the schedule since PR has been on Nick.

First little ticky-tack move by Nick against Hasbro in what might just play out as the last year of the agreement -- one in which PRDF concludes somewhere else?

Burgundy Ranger

There are some, surely temporary, conflicts between what you're seeing and what Zap2It is posting.

They're still hanging on to 4-slots-on-Saturday for 2/27 and have "Destination" in both the 9am and 8pm slots.

Even more confusing is an ACTUAL listing for "Sporix" on Monday 3/1 -- which you'd think wouldn't be released yet since it's way too early for March schedules to have been sent out yet (unless you see the first morsels and just aren't doing the March post yet)

FEB 17 UPDATE: Zap still has TBA in what we think is the Monday 2/22 2:30 and Saturday 2/27 8pm PRDF rerun slots. I'm sure you see that and it why you have ? next to those listings. I think they're going to happen like that, just some bug in getting that info to the web sites -- but isn't that like Nick, to have it straight in-house but can't communicate it to everyone else?

FEB 18: I can see why you're holding off posting any updates. What we see this morning on Zap is a 180 from yesterday. The detailed March listings continue, but now with PRDC in both the Monday & Tuesday 2:30 slots.


Yeah, I've had the first week of March since I posted episode 3 and it always had Dino Charge in the weekday slots, Gracenote was likely using an earlier revision and didn't get that update yet. That's why I'm holding off until they fill in those various TBA blocks with actual shows and/or movies.


They filled in the TBAs with Dino Fury and adjusted the Dino Charge run for next week to account for the schedule changes and pre-emptions. Dino Fury will have its Nicktoons debut on Mondays and the Saturday at 8pm slot will have back to back Dino Fury episodes starting 3/6. They also changed the schedule to readd Sporix Unleased on 3/1.

Also, there will be a pre-emption the day of the KCA's on 3/13.