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Hillsong Channel to Rebrand to TBN Inspire on 1/1/22

Started by KyL416, November 27, 2021, 02:36:33 PM


The Hillsong Channel will rebrand to TBN Inspire on January 1st.

They're not flat out saying it, but this is pretty much the reason why TBN is ending their deal with Hillsong:


This like, what, the second name change this cable network's had?


Yeah, it was originally The Church Channel up until 2016.

Also, it looks like the breakup was less than amicable since even though the initial announcement from November said they will continue to partner with Hillsong and their programming will remain part of the schedule, there are ZERO Hillsong programs on TBN Inspire's schedule, and Hillsong is continuing their channel online and in their home country Australia. It also screwed up the on screen listings for many cable and sat providers since instead of the entry for Hillsong becoming TBN Inspire like originally planned, the providers now have to manually change their mappings to a new entry for TBN Inspire.