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MeTV welcomes Full House to the neighborhood with a Bob Saget tribute

Started by KyL416, January 13, 2022, 12:00:52 AM


MeTV welcomes Full House to the neighborhood with a Bob Saget tribute
A new beloved TV family will be joining the MeTV lineup on Sundays, starting with a tribute to one of America's favorite TV dads.

Everyone has a classic TV father who pops into mind at the mention of "TV dad". Ward Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver, Mike Brady from The Brady Bunch, Mr. Cunningham from Happy Days...

For a lot of kids who grew up in the '90s, the first TV dad they think of is Danny Tanner, the cleanliness-obsessed widower raising three daughters from Full House. Bob Saget played the dad as loving and understanding, even when he got over his head with the wacky hijinks caused by his house full of collected family.

Danny Tanner was the core of the Full House home. After he loses his wife, his childhood best friend, Joey Gladstone (Dave Coulier), and his brother-in-law, Jesse Katsopolis (John Stamos) move in to help him deal with abruptly being a single parent. Danny is the responsible father figure to Joey's rapid-fire puns and impressions or Jesse's cool-guy immaturity. He's just a dad trying to do right by his daughters while balancing his work, personal life, and annoying neighbors. (Hello, Kimmy Gibbler!)

Full House is joining MeTV Sundays at 2P | 1C, adding this family favorite to our lineup of classic TV. In honor of Bob Saget and in celebration of his career, we'll be kicking off the addition with a tribute to one of America's TV dads. It all starts on Sunday, January 16 at 2P | 1C...

MeTV Tribute- Sunday, January 16 at 2P | 1C

2P | 1C – "The Big Three-O"

Danny arrives at his surprise 30th birthday party only to discover that Jesse has accidentally driven his prized car into the bay.

2:30P | 1:30C – "Ol' Brown Eyes"

D.J. is horrified when she learns that her father, Danny, wants to sing at her school dance.

3P | 2C – "Bachelor of the Month"

When Danny is chosen "Bachelor of the Month" by a San Francisco magazine, women suddenly take an avid interest in him. But Danny is interested in his new co-host, Vicky Larson.

3:30P | 2:30C – "The Trouble With Danny"

Danny is thrilled that "Spring Cleaning Day" has arrived! He appoints chores to everyone in the house. When they gather to complain, Danny overhears. He reacts by becoming such a slob that the family asks him to be neat again.

You can watch Full House at its new home on MeTV every Sunday at 2P | 1C.