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WRAZ-FOX 50 Schedule Changes

Started by nick321, September 05, 2003, 11:42:14 PM


WRAZ-FOX-50-Raleigh, NC Schedule Starting September 15:

(schedule changes in bold; I have the old schedule for Fox 50 posted a while back)



6:30am First Business
7:00am News
8:00am Cosby
8:30am Moesha
9:00am Judge Mathis
10:00am Judge Hatchett
10:30am Judge Hatchett
11:00am Living It Up! With Ali & Jack
12:00pm Pyramid
12:30pm Pyramid
1:00pm 700 Club
2:00pm Paid Programming
2:30pm All Dogs Go to Heaven (DiC Kids)
3:00pm Good Day Live
4:00pm Steve Harvey
4:30pm Steve Harvey
5:00pm Judge Mathis
6:00pm Will & Grace
6:30pm The King of Queens
7:00pm Seinfeld
7:30pm King of the Hill
8:00pm FOX Primetime
10:00pm News
10:30pm Seinfeld
11:00pm That '70s Show
11:30pm Will & Grace
12:00am The King of Queens
12:30am Home Improvement
1:00am Paid Programming
1:30am Paid Programming
2:00am (M-T) Paid Programming (Fri) Movie
2:30am (M-T) Paid Programming (Fri) Movie
3:00am (M-T) Three's Company (Fri) Movie
3:30am (M-T) Cheers (Fri) Movie
4:00am Roseanne
4:30am Roseanne
5:00am Paid Programming
5:30am Paid Programming


6:00am Paid Programming
6:30am Paid Programming
7:00am Garner Ted Armstrong
7:30am Scope
8:00am FOXBOX Programming
(Starting at 12 and going to 7 it changes almost every week)
12:00pm Paid Programming
12:30pm Paid Programming
1:00pm That '70s Show
1:30pm The King of Queens
2:00pm Walker, Texas Ranger
3-7pm Changes Weekly
7:00pm Showtime
8:00pm FOX Primetime
10:00pm News
10:30pm Seinfeld
11:00pm Mad TV
12:30am Live in Hollywood
1:30am Showtime
2:30am Weekend Vibe
3:30am Three's Company
4:00am Cheers
4:30am Cheers
5:00am Paid Programming
5:30am Paid Programming


6:00am Tarheel Talk
6:30am Paid Programming
7:00am Coral Ridge
8:00am Spiritual Awakening
8:30am N.C. Spin
9:00am Fox News Sunday
10:00am Covenant Love Family Church
11:00am to 7:00pm Sports/Movies/Filler Show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
4:00pm Cheers
4:30pm Cheers
7:00pm FOX Primetime
10:00pm News
10:30pm Seinfeld
11:00pm The King of Queens
11:30pm Showtime at the Apollo
12:30am Walker, Texas Ranger
1:30am Pyramid
3:00am SIGN OFF

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