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Disney XD October Premieres -- Updated 9/26

Started by KyL416, September 08, 2023, 01:24:36 PM


Sunday, October 1
7:00pm Mickey and Friends Trick or Treats

Monday, October 2
6:00pm Toy Story Funday Football

Saturday, October 7
8:00am Big City Greens "Bad Dad / Junk Junkie"
9:00am Kiff "I Like To Move It! / Hive Got An Idea"
10:00am BAKUGAN "Bunch of Misfits / Brawl or Nothing"

Saturday, October 14
8:00am Big City Greens "Handshaken / Coffee Mates"
9:00am Kiff "You Can't Handle the Tooth! / Blooper Quest"
10:00am BAKUGAN "Rules Are Boring / A Handful of Gold!"
11:00am Hailey's On It! "I Know What You Did Last Slumber / Lady and the Trampoline"

Saturday, October 21
8:00am Big City Greens "Iced / Chipped Off"
9:00am Kiff "When You Mow You Mow / Harry's Maturity Crisis"
10:00am BAKUGAN "MOD Alone / Throw Some Shade"
11:00am Hailey's On It! "Scott's on a Roll / Bye Bye Birdies"

Saturday, October 28
8:00am The Ghost and Molly McGee "Welcome to NecroComic-Con / Fit to Print"
9:00am Kiff "Silly Moods / Chatterley vs Chatterley"
10:00am BAKUGAN "Viva Corndogs! / Hard Water"
11:00am Hailey's On It! "Frankly Fabulous / The Pin is Mightier Than the Swole"