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Disney Channel December Premieres

Started by KyL416, November 02, 2023, 06:26:35 PM


Friday, December 1
10:00am Mickey Mouse Funhouse "Santa's Crash Landing"
10:30am Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures "Life Day / Raxlo Strikes Back"
8:00pm The Ghost and Molly McGee "White Christmess / Perfect Day"
8:30pm Hailey's On It! "We Wish You a Merry Chaos-mas"
9:00pm The Villains of Valley View "A Very Villain Christmas"
9:30pm BUNK'D: Learning the Ropes "Friends in Snow Places"

Saturday, December 2
10:00am Hamster & Gretel "Flake It Till You Make It / Game Changer"

Friday, December 8
8:00am Pupstruction "The Sunniest Snow Day / When Pups Fly"
10:30am SuperKitties "Missing Hot Dog / Mysterious Magician"
12:30pm Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures "Stuck in the Muck / Junkyard Sleepover"

Saturday, December 9
10:00am Hamster & Gretel "Exclamation Strikes Back"
8:00pm Miraculous World Paris: Tales of Shadybug and Claw Noir

Friday, December 15
12:00pm Firebuds "Annie Spokely / Ingrid on Ice"