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Disney Channel April Premieres -- Updated 4/15

Started by KyL416, March 08, 2024, 01:47:43 PM


Monday, April 1
9:30am Bluey "Dragon"

Tuesday, April 2
9:30am Bluey "Wild Girls"

Wednesday, April 3
9:30am Bluey "TV Shop"

Thursday, April 4
9:30am Bluey "Slide"

Friday, April 5
9:30am Bluey "Cricket"
10:00am Pupstruction "Pup Princess / Trash Truck Pups"
2:00pm SuperKitties "Jumbo Rat/New Friend Fiasco"
8:00pm Monsters at Work "A Monstrous Homecoming" -- Season Premiere
8:30pm Monsters at Workd "The C.R.E.E.P. Show"

Saturday, April 6
8:00am Big City Greens "Internetted / Guiding Gregly"
11:00am Hailey's On It! "The Saw-shank Redemption / No More Mr. Rice Guy"
7:30pm Shorts Spectacular "Kiff's Animal Kingdom"
8:00pm Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir "Action"

Sunday, April 7
7:30am Bluey "Ghostbasket"

Friday, April 12
9:30am Bluey "Dirt / Cricket / Driving"
10:30am Mickey Mouse Funhouse "Saving Major Green! / Minnie Safari"
1:30pm Spidey and his Amazing Friends "Picture Perfect Pandemonium / Catch That Panther Pod"
2:00pm SuperKitties "Dancing Piggy/Super Helpers"

Saturday, April 13
8:00am Big City Greens "Family Tree / Unguarded"
10:00am Monsters at Work "Setting the Table"
10:30am Monsters at Workd "Opening Doors"
11:00am Hailey's On It! "When Squeeples Attack / Cool Intentions"

Sunday, April 14
7:30am Bluey "The Sign"

Friday, April 19
9:30am Bluey "Granny Mobile / Space / Cubby"
2:00pm SuperKitties "Museum Mayhem/Big Dig"

Saturday, April 20
8:00am Big City Greens "Concrete Jungle / Starter Pack"
10:00am Monsters at Work "It's Coming From Inside the House!"
10:30am Monsters at Workd "Field of Screams"
11:00am Hailey's On It! "Out of Body Slam Experience / Get Whale Soon"

Sunday, April 21
7:30am Bluey "Surprise"

Friday, April 26
9:30am Bluey "Exercise / Stickbird / Relax"
10:30am Mickey Mouse Funhouse "Fun-A-Palooza! / Missing Buttons and Bows!"
1:30pm Spidey and his Amazing Friends "Iron Zola / Aunt May's Birthday Blowout"
2:00pm SuperKitties "Copy Hats/Telescope Trouble"

Saturday, April 27
8:00am Big City Greens "Dollar Sense / True Cawing"
10:00am Monsters at Work "Monsters in the Dark"
10:30am Monsters at Workd "Lights! Camera! Chaos!"
11:00am Hailey's On It! "How Kristine Goat Her Groove Back / Oceanside's 11"


Monsters at Work S2 will have its Disney Channel debut with back to back episodes at 8pm ET/PT on 4/5, and then air 2 episodes every Saturday at 10am

The Wonderful Spring of Mickey Mouse will have its Disney Channel debut on 4/13 at 8pm ET/PT


Hey Kyl, um... I would like to ask something here...

Has Disney made any additions to these April Listings as of today? Like anything for... IDK, a Bluey episode on the 21st?

Disney over in France is airing a secret new episode on the 21st, and now people are seeing ABC Kids in Australia show another secret new episode on the same day. (Well, technically the same day but you know how Australia does things with their timezones and airings and such)

If there isn't anything added or if you can't say anything yet, I understand. I was just curious because it seems like they are globally airing a secret new episode on the 21st as well.


Update: Disney Channel US has updated the April 21st schedule, now confirming a Surprise episode!