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Disney Junior April Premieres -- Updated 4/15

Started by KyL416, March 08, 2024, 01:59:55 PM


Monday, April 1
7:30am Alice's Wonderland Bakery "Alice's Wonderful Baking School / Ze Cookie Pizza"
8:00am Bluey "Dragon"
3:30pm Morphle and the Magic Pets "The Unwinnable Carnival Game / Pet Sitting"

Tuesday, April 2
8:00am Bluey "Wild Girls"

Wednesday, April 3
8:00am Bluey "TV Shop"

Thursday, April 4
8:00am Bluey "Slide"

Friday, April 5
8:00am Bluey "Cricket"
9:00am Pupstruction "Pup Princess / Trash Truck Pups"
9:30am SuperKitties "Jumbo Rat/New Friend Fiasco"

Saturday, April 6
8:00am PJ Masks Power Heroes "The Catastrophe Stone / The Legend of Moon Pirate"

Sunday, April 7
7:00am Bluey "Ghostbasket"

Monday, April 8
7:30am Alice's Wonderland Bakery "Captain Dodo's Snack Shack / A Piece of Cake"
3:30pm Morphle and the Magic Pets "The Morphle Mile / Mila's First Sleepover"

Friday, April 12
8:00am Bluey "Dirt / Cricket / Driving"
9:30am SuperKitties "Dancing Piggy/Super Helpers"
9:55am Mickey Mouse Funhouse "Saving Major Green! / Minnie Safari"
12:30pm Spidey and his Amazing Friends "Picture Perfect Pandemonium / Catch That Panther Pod"

Sunday, April 14
7:00am Bluey "The Sign"

Monday, April 15
7:30am Alice's Wonderland Bakery "Clever Clover / Alice Comes To Her Senses"
10:10am Dino Ranch "The Tricera-Trekkers/Flapsy Takes Off"
3:30pm Morphle and the Magic Pets "Morphle Gets the Hiccups / Orphle VS. the Ferrris Wheel"
7:30pm PJ Masks Power Heroes "Return to Planet Gloop / Return to Planet Gloop Part II"

Friday, April 19
8:00am Bluey "Granny Mobile / Space / Cubby"
9:30am SuperKitties "Museum Mayhem/Big Dig"

Sunday, April 21
7:00am Bluey "Surprise"

Monday, April 22
3:30pm Morphle and the Magic Pets "The Clean Up Crew / Echobird Trouble"

Friday, April 26
8:00am Bluey "Exercise / Stickbird / Relax"
9:30am SuperKitties "Copy Hats/Telescope Trouble"
9:55am Mickey Mouse Funhouse "Fun-A-Palooza! / Missing Buttons and Bows!"
12:30pm Spidey and his Amazing Friends "Iron Zola / Aunt May's Birthday Blowout"

Monday, April 29
10:10am Dino Ranch "Grounded!/Try, Fly Again"


Why is Bluey not here? It was confirmed that Disney Channel/Junior would air the S3 episodes 'Ghostbasket' and 'The Sign' on the same days as Australia, also airing "globally" around the world on the same days as well.