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Disney Channel May Premieres

Started by KyL416, April 05, 2024, 01:59:53 PM


Friday, May 3
9:30am Bluey "Show & Tell / Wild Girls / The Decider"
10:00am Pupstruction "Pirate Party / A Playful Playground"
10:30am Mickey Mouse Funhouse "Goofy's Space!"
11:30am Firebuds "The Drive Along / Rescue Club Rangers"

Saturday, May 4
10:00am Monsters at Work "Descent into Fear"
10:25am Monsters at Work "Powerless"
11:00am Hailey's On It! "Student of the Weak / Smother Knows Best"

Friday, May 10
11:30am Firebuds "Fire Tower Frenzy / What's Cookin'"
1:30pm Spidey and his Amazing Friends "Freeze, It's Dock Ock! / Go, Go, Jeff"

Saturday, May 11
11:00am Hailey's On It! "The Biggest Luger / An Imposter is Born"

Wednesday, May 15
2:00pm Bluey "TV Shop / Dragon / Slide"

Friday, May 17
9:30am Bluey "Ghostbasket / Escape / Surprise"
11:30am Firebuds "Woodland Wiley / P.I. Piston"

Saturday, May 18
11:00am Hailey's On It! "I Wanna Dance With My Buddy"

Friday, May 24
11:30am Firebuds "Mayor for the Day / Dozer Disaster"
2:00pm SuperKitties "Cat's Pajamas/Country Kitty"

Friday, May 31
10:00am Pupstruction "Mayor Boots / Good Clean Race"


Will the May 18th episode of Hailey's On It be the season or series finale?