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Disney Junior June Premieres -- Updated 5/17

Started by KyL416, May 03, 2024, 03:30:44 PM


Monday, June 3
10:15am Dino Ranch "Rock-a-Bye Jasper/The Best Cure of All"

Friday, June 7
7:00am Mickey Mouse Funhouse "Windy's Good Deed Days / Can I Borrow Ducky-Doo?"
9:30am Spidey and his Amazing Friends "Zola's Novel Idea / Greatest Hits"
9:55am Firebuds "Windy Wheels"

Monday, June 10
10:15am Dino Ranch "Beans Go Better With Gravy/Tango's Barn Raising Ruckus"
3:30pm Morphle and the Magic Pets "The Talent Show / RoboPet"

Friday, June 14
7:30am SuperKitties "Seed Stealer / Dastardly Dumpster"
9:55am Firebuds "Full-Time Flash / Bubba Trouble"

Monday, June 17
10:15am Dino Ranch "Easy as Pie/Sticking Together"
3:30pm Morphle and the Magic Pets "Baby Zurtle / The Cake Mistake"

Friday, June 21
7:00am Mickey Mouse Funhouse "The Dino-Opolis 500 / Dino Disco!"
7:30am SuperKitties "Bone Bandit / Cheesy Chase"

Monday, June 24
10:15am Dino Ranch "Good Ol' Goliath/Quack's Nest of Friends"
3:30pm Morphle and the Magic Pets "The Big Race / Jordie's New Rock"

Thursday, June 27
9:00am Ariel "Atlantica Day/A Winner's Spirit" -- Series Premiere
9:25am Ariel "Ursula's Magic Camp/Fernie's Notebook"

Friday, June 28
9:00am Ariel "Crystal Cavern Caper/A Banner Moment"
9:55am Firebuds "Scarlett & Skid / Alpine Adventure"



Disney Jr. showed a trailer today of the "Dino Webs" story arc of Spidey and his Amazing Friends that premieres on June 17th.


Wait where was that? I know they are including the Dino theme, but I believe it will happen later in the fall.