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Disney Junior July Premieres -- Updated 6/21

Started by KyL416, June 07, 2024, 04:02:30 PM


Monday, July 1
3:30pm Morphle and the Magic Pets "Tea Party on the Ceiling / Morphle's Home Alone"

Wednesday, July 3
7:25am Bluey Minisodes "Burger Dog"
8:25am Bluey Minisodes "Bingo 3000"

Thursday, July 4
7:25am Bluey Minisodes "Muffin Unboxing"
8:25am Bluey Minisodes "Letter"

Friday, July 5
7:25am Bluey Minisodes "Hungry"
9:00am Disney Junior Ariel "The Endless Sleepover / Daddy Daughter Dinner"
9:55am Firebuds "Guac and Roll / All-Terrain Trek"

Saturday, July 6
6:55am Bluey Minisodes "Three Pigs"

Sunday, July 7
6:55am Bluey Minisodes "Animals"

Monday, July 8
10:15am Dino Ranch "The Battle for Dino Mountain / Danger on Spiral Summit"
3:30pm Morphle and the Magic Pets "Out For Delivery / The Spiky Hug"

Friday, July 12
9:00am Disney Junior Ariel "Copy Catfish / Happy Crabby Day"

Wednesday, July 17
7:00am Pupstruction "The Petsburg Music Festival"

Friday, July 19
9:00am Disney Junior Ariel "Smoothie Shake-Up / Family Picture Day"

Monday, July 22
10:15am Dino Ranch "Blue Ribbon Ma / Catch a Comet"

Wednesday, July 24
7:55pm Firebuds "The Camp Fire!"

Friday, July 26
7:30am SuperKitties "Wacky Weather/Kittydale Racers"
9:00am Disney Junior Ariel "The Cuttlebaby Sitter / Flounder the Leader"

Monday, July 29
7:00am Mickey Mouse Funhouse "Happy Campers"


If the minisodes are just interstitials that air between shows, they won't be listed as part of the schedule.



Just wondering... what sources do you use?


Added the Bluey Minisodes and an extended episode of Mickey Mouse Funhouse